Write a new story in English or Japanese?

Thank you for reading my blog everytime. This time, I am not going to write about Japanese stories but I want to ask my readers about blogging or writing stories.

I haven’t published new posts for a long time. Yes, I’ve been busy creating weekly podcast in Japanese or I was busy with my kid’s stuff.  I can say many excuses but I was always wanting to write more stories.

As you know, English is not my first language and my wife always helped correcting my errors in writing. That was good to obtain some qualities in my writing but it always took long time to publish one story. I wish I could write more casually like I write things in Japanese. To tell you the truth, I have over 40 drafts about Japanese stories but none of them were published yet. I hope I can publish them all some day.

Actually, I finished writing one long story about 6 months ago in Japanese. I am satisfied with the plot and I want to share this story with other people through my blog. I have been thinking that I should translate this in English but I had no time to do so.

In this case, should I write this story in Japanese using blog format? If so can wordpress translate Japanese in English?

I need your opinion!

Thank you.



3 thoughts on “Write a new story in English or Japanese?

  1. Great topic! I agree. It takes so much longer to write in English and I get frustrated. Also if I write in Japanese it can show more of my character. For me Japanese is more versatile for writing a story in general.


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