Mt. Tsukuba and Daidara-Botchi – Part 2

In the previous post of this two-part series, I introduced the most widely known stories about the giant, Daidara-Botchi.

Part two is another version I heard from my high school teacher. Interestingly, it’s a very obscure one.

Long ago, the place where Mount Tsukuba now sits had nothing. It was just flat land.

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Mt. Tsukuba and Daidara-Botchi: Part 1

My hometown is located in the Kanto region of central Honshu. It’s not too far from Tokyo but it’s a typical rural city where farming is still one of the major industries.

The whole area including my hometown is called Kanto Plain. The land is flat and there are many rivers. The middle west of the Kanto Plain is especially good for producing rice.

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