Mt. Tsukuba and Daidara-Botchi: Part 1

My hometown is located in the Kanto region of central Honshu. It’s not too far from Tokyo but it’s a typical rural city where farming is still one of the major industries.

The whole area including my hometown is called Kanto Plain. The land is flat and there are many rivers. The middle west of the Kanto Plain is especially good for producing rice.

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Who I am, Why I am here

I am Japanese and currently live in Canada.

In my childhood, I loved to listen to interesting stories from my family members. Some of them are very popular but I realized that some of them are not popular. For example, if I Google some of those obscure but unique stories that I know, they are not on-line. I’ve been thinking that if I can have some effective ways to tell those stories, I’d love to share those stories with more people. I thought blogging is the best way to start so that’s way I started my blog.

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