88 Souls in Rice

When I was a kid, my grandma would often sternly say, “Eat every single grain of rice in your bowl. Don’t leave any of them.” I would look into my rice bowl and see two or three grains stuck to the sides.

It was difficult to pick up a grain of rice with chopsticks when I was little. I also didn’t care. I just wanted to finish my meal and watch TV.

I also hated to have my rice bowl checked by grandma. One day I had to ask. “What’s the matter with leaving one grain of rice, grandma?” Continue reading

Mt. Tsukuba and Daidara-Botchi – Part 2

In the previous post of this two-part series, I introduced the most widely known stories about the giant, Daidara-Botchi.

Part two is another version I heard from my high school teacher. Interestingly, it’s a very obscure one.

Long ago, the place where Mount Tsukuba now sits had nothing. It was just flat land.

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